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Dental Implants

Melbourne's Home of Dental Implants

Experience the comfort of implant retained dentures (snap on dentures) at Rosanna Denture Clinic. Dentures that are loose can be more than just uncomfortable. They can impede your chewing ability, as well as your ability to talk and laugh with confidence. This embarrassing and awkward problem can be remedied via the addition of implant anchors as positioned by our recommended Dental/Oral Surgeon. Once implants are positioned, our DP will then fit the dental appliances over the implants. This will provide stability, increase chewing force, reduce tissue irritations, and decrease bone loss. 

We consult with you throughout the process to help you understand the procedures involved in implant dentistry. We recognise that optimum tooth replacement and stability is achieved with implants and can be used in retaining both full or partial dental plates. 

Scientific studies conducted in this area have shown that implants preserve bone and reduce gum tissue loss. Promoting an improved quality of life, patients who have opted for implants as an anchor for dentures speak of the confidence and security the implants give. Historically, implants boast a high clinical success rate, offering a natural look and feel to the patient. 

'Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.'