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At Rosanna Denture Clinic we employ the latest advances in modern denture techniques in combination with high quality craftsmanship and personalised care for every patient. Our professional team will discuss all the treatment options and solutions available in order to meet your expectations.

The replacement of broken or missing teeth is vital to your oral health as even the loss of one tooth can change your appearance and facial structure. This may potentially place your other teeth at risk. When you visit Rosanna Denture Clinic you will find a fully customised service and patient centred team committed to assisting you in the restoration of your confidence and smile.

Smile with Confidence

At Rosanna Denture Clinic we listen attentively to your needs and involve you in the planning process of your oral health treatment plan. We assess and recommend solutions that are cosmetically appealing while complementing your lifestyle. At our advanced denture clinic, we understand that your smile is one of your most important assets, as we strive to enhance the health, function, hygiene and appearance of your teeth with a long term, sustainable solution.

  • Dentures – Learn more about our treatment options for false teeth, including dental appliances and repairs. All of our services are conducted with in-house dental technicians in our Melbourne clinic.
  • Implants – Dental implants have been shown to reduce gum tissue and bone density loss. They can be used to anchor full or partial dentures that feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • Denture Facts – Ensure the long life of your dentures and avoid unnecessary repairs by properly caring for your new teeth. Allow our experienced prosthetists to show you how.
  • Our Technicians – Meet the team of Melbourne dental technicians at Rosanna Denture Clinic. Fully committed to personalised service and customised care for all patients. Take comfort in their experience and knowledge.

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