Rosanna Denture Clinic

Personalised Health Care Services

Personalised Health Care Services

Producing premium quality dental appliances, our Melbourne team of diligent, highly skilled dental technicians enjoy a reputation as a trusted name in both full and partial dentures. Committed to providing:

Specialised advice and workmanship: In full consultation our dental prosthetist will produce and fit your dentures or sporting mouth guards to meet your individual needs. We will also maintain and conduct emergency denture repairs and relines as required.

Improved health: Your oral health is vital to a healthy digestive system as we need all of our teeth in order to produce saliva and chew our food. Our experienced dental technicians will provide the most appropriate dental appliance to meet your needs.

Time efficient: Our dental prosthetist will personally customise and construct your dental plates, eliminating the need for other specialists. We pride ourselves on giving personalised attention and producing designs perfectly suited to your individual requirements.

Complete Solutions: Providing access to a comprehensive range of services, our Melbourne dental technicians custom fit mouth guards for sports, implants for dentures and emergency dentures as required.