Our Services

We recognise that every patient is different, and it is our goal to provide the attention and specialised care to make the process as comfortable and successful as possible.

  • Full Dentures: For natural looking and complete replacement of your missing teeth
  • Partial Dentures: Protect your remaining teeth by replacing missing teeth on the upper or lower arch
  • Immediate Dentures: After tooth extraction, your gums need time to heal. We offer this temporary solution to get you through that period
  • APT Precision Dentures: Ask our DP about the most natural-looking restorations available and whether they are right for you
  • Dentures in a Day: If you’ve lost your dental plate, our team can replace it within 24 hours, Monday to Thursday
  • Emergency Repairs and Relines: Broken dental plates can usually be repaired or relined while you wait
  • Professional Denture Cleaning: It’s not always possible to remove stains on your dental plate. Tartar removal and professional cleaning can be done in-house by our experienced team

Take Care of Your Smile

We understand that living with missing teeth is not only damaging to your self-confidence but may present dangers to your oral health. The replacement of teeth is vital to your appearance while supporting your chewing ability and your remaining teeth.

Rosanna Denture Clinic