Rosanna Denture Clinic

Our Technicians

The team of professionals at the Rosanna Denture Clinic possess a diverse range of skills and expertise to ensure the highest quality of care and customer service to all patients. Consisting of both Dental Prosthetists and dental technicians, the team strive to continually study and upskill in order to provide the very latest in cutting edge dentistry techniques to meet the needs of all patients.

The differences between a Dental Prosthetist and technician include:

  • A dental technician works by referral from a Dental Prosthetist or a Dentist
  • A dental technician then completes extensive training in order to become a fully qualified Dental Prosthetist
  • A Dental Prosthetist is an oral care professional who is registered to consult with patients directly
  • And is subsequently registered to undertake the manufacture of complete dentures, partial dentures and mouthguards
  • Dominic Di Luca, the owner of Rosanna Denture Clinic, has been working in the industry for almost 30 years. Qualified as a technician in 1984, he then went on to complete his qualifications as a prosthetist in 1992. His continuous study of the latest technologies and techniques is a testament to his commitment to providing the highest level of service and skill to all patients

Under the new national laws Dental Prosthetists are able to practice in every State/Territory in Australia.

  • Learn more about the different solutions available for patients who need either full or partial false teeth.
  • For a more secure alternative to dentures, dental implants can be highly successful for the right candidate.

Our Laboratory

Rosanna Dental Laboratory is managed by our Senior Technician Adrian Ciarma. Adrian commenced his apprenticeship as a dental technician in Melbourne in 1996 and has worked consistently in the industry ever since. Adrian is a highly skilled and respected technician within the industry. His professionalism and commitment to perfection are renowned. Adrian leads a team of highly skilled technicians who personally carry out and quality check all work, from denture repairs to implants and other false teeth solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering work of the highest quality and exceeding our clients’ expectations with our superior service. We know the importance of having the job ready on time and how it reflects on the reputation of our business.Our exceptional customer service and years of experience have afforded us a reputation that sets us apart from our competitors.

Personalised Service and Care

Our team of highly trained Dental Prosthetists and dental technicians in Melbourne are committed to quality service and exceptional patient outcomes. We recognise that every mouth is different, and our treatment programs are customised to reflect that. Whether you come to us for denture repairs or a completely new smile, we will listen to your needs and ensure you understand all of the alternatives. We will guide you on your journey to smiling and eating with confidence and comfort.

For Personalised Consultations

Avail of the expertise of our professional team of dental technicians and Dental Prosthetists at Rosanna Denture Clinic. Contact us today for your personalised consultation on (03) 9458 1199.