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Frequently Asked Questions if Prosthetic Dentistry

Allow us to navigate the various options available to you when it comes to broken teeth repair and the field of Prosthetic Dentistry. The Rosanna Dental Clinic offers all patients the peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving the most appropriate procedure suited to their needs courtesy of our comprehensive and fully customised consultation process. We will thoroughly assess your individual requirements and explain every option. We will assist you in making an informed choice on whether to receive implanted dental plates or dentures.

Informing oneself of the different options available is an important step in choosing the right procedure. Some of the basic information regarding broken teeth repair, dental plates and emergency dentures is explained here, however please remember that every patient is different and our experienced and knowledgeable team of Dental Prosthetists and dental technicians can give you a more comprehensive breakdown of how our range of services will work for you:

Depending on the damage, it is usually possible to adjust or fix dentures quickly and easily.

A Dental Prosthetist is the best choice when it comes to broken teeth repair and dentures. They are specialists in the fit and construction of false teeth, and will work with you through all stages of the process to ensure the best fit and look possible

A new set of dentures is recommended every 5-7 years because of changes that can occur with the shape of your mouth and jaw. It is important to remember to receive regular bi-annual check-ups to detect any potential problems before they become serious.

Our team of dental technicians and Dental Prosthetists can attend to emergency denture repairs and relines as required and often within 24 hours.

Dental implants, unlike dentures, are a permanent means of broken teeth repair. If you are a suitable candidate, they can help prevent the deterioration of the jaw bone often caused by dentures. They also offer more functionality, permitting you to enjoy the foods you love with more security.

First you will receive a thorough evaluation and assessment to help you decide on your best plan of action.

The implants are inserted into the gums while the patient is comfortably sedated.

A healing period of 3-6 months is often needed to ensure a secure base for your implants.

Your new teeth are attached to your implants!

In addition to partial and full dental plates, we also provide emergency denture repairs, dental plate cleaning and APT precision dentures.

The professionals at Rosanna Dental Clinic are committed to keeping abreast of the latest techniques as well as high quality craftsmanship and personalised care for every patient.