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For Complete Denture Care and Repair

Maintaining your oral health and properly caring for your dentures will ensure your false teeth have an extended lifespan that will require only minor denture repairs. Rosanna Denture Clinic’s Dental Prosthetistservices the greater Melbourne community and is available for personalised consultation.
Denture Facts

How Do I Care For A Metal Denture?

How Do I Care For A Metal Denture? Many commercial cleaning products may damage metal dentures, so if you have a metal denture, our Melbourne based Dental Prosthetist will discuss the cleaning options available to you at your appointment. If your acrylic denture has metal clasps you need to take particular care when cleaning.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice For personalised care advice for your specific situation call our Melbourne based Dental Prosthetist today. Allow us to guide you through the most appropriate maintenance and cleaning regimen to increase the life and look of your dental plates and avoid the necessity of denture repairs.Call today on (03) 9458 1199.