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Month: August 2016

The Benefits of Implants

The Benefits of Implants Improved confidence Stability during eating Increased preservation of bone Decreased gum tissue shrinkage Less food seepage under the dental plate Superior aesthetics Social interactions accomplished with confidence A feeling close to that of your natural teeth Dietary nutritional benefits

Choose Implants for Security

Choose Implants for Security Want to restore confidence to your smile? Melbourne’s dental implant and dentures provider, Rosanna Denture Clinic, has a solution for you. From implants, dental appliances to broken teeth repair, call today for your personal consultation on (03) 9458 1199.

Our Services

Our Services We recognise that every patient is different, and it is our goal to provide the attention and specialised care to make the process as comfortable and successful as possible. Full Dentures: For natural looking and complete replacement of your missing teeth Partial Dentures: Protect your remaining teeth by replacing missing teeth on the …

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Take Care of Your Smile

Take Care of Your Smile We understand that living with missing teeth is not only damaging to your self-confidence but may present dangers to your oral health. The replacement of teeth is vital to your appearance while supporting your chewing ability and your remaining teeth. [img type=”false” responsive=”true”][/img]

Personalised Health Care Services

Personalised Health Care Services Producing premium quality dental appliances, our Melbourne team of diligent, highly skilled dental technicians enjoy a reputation as a trusted name in both full and partial dentures. Committed to providing: Specialised advice and workmanship: In full consultation our dental prosthetist will produce and fit your dentures or sporting mouth guards to …

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Smile with Confidence

Smile with Confidence At Rosanna Denture Clinic we listen attentively to your needs and involve you in the planning process of your oral health treatment plan. We assess and recommend solutions that are cosmetically appealing while complementing your lifestyle. At our advanced denture clinic, we understand that your smile is one of your most important …

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Make an Appointment Today

Make an Appointment Today Avail of our expertise with a personalised consultation today. Discover all false teeth treatment options from dental plates, repairs and more.Call now on 03 9458 1199.

How Do I Care For A Metal Denture?

How Do I Care For A Metal Denture? Many commercial cleaning products may damage metal dentures, so if you have a metal denture, our Melbourne based Dental Prosthetist will discuss the cleaning options available to you at your appointment. If your acrylic denture has metal clasps you need to take particular care when cleaning.